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Announcing M.i 2 Update

MarkMe Icons M.I 2 Update has a new amazing feature.

We are adding CREATE A CLASS Feature to the MarkMe Icons App, this bold move to give users power in our Platform aligns with our mission: to give communities tools to learn together.

Take Charge of your Training Career, Share your knowledge and gifts with the MarkMe Icons Community.

Earn money for your classes! MarkMe Icons is an opportunity of a lifetime.

In November you will be able to:

  • Create Classes

  • Set Prices for your classes.

  • Train your students using our free features.

  • Upload Videos of your Classes

  • Engage with your community with Live Video Classes

  • Upload Text Documents of your classes

  • Engage with your students.

  • Build a following and gain influence in the MarkMe Icons Community

We will share more information about the M.I 2 Update


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