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Day Two: Evolution of Hardship

It goes without saying that the Entrepreneurial Journey is full of hardships. Since they are inevitable can we actually take them in and instead of crumbling, we evolve?


Today, we are going to explore the Evolution of Hardship. Pressure produces diamonds, tension creates perseverance and uncertainty breeds hope.


As hard as it might be, I'd like us to look at tension as a gift. Not only that but I'd like us to tolerate it better and here's why.


Your tolerance for tension determines your potential for growth. And in this part of "Evolution"

We want to obtain the highest level of growth.


So let's look at some of the tension filled moments that entrepreneurs

Flora's Guide

Here are some of the most tension filled situations worth mentioning. 

Zuki's Slide

If pressure produces diamonds. What diamonds can we produce from some of the tension moments mentioned to help our Evolution of Hardship?

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