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Icons Creator Network

This is a platform to empower our creators and build a community of World-Class engaging educators.

Partner and become a creator with MarkMe Icons. Attract and engage with learners around the world.

Participate in Calls and Meet-Ups to Share your experience with our App features

Be among the first to test new updates in our App

Icons Connect 3 is in the making, get a chance to showcase your work in our event 


We love to keep our Creator community engaged.

Our Feature Briefs are online meetings where we get to share a presentation created by our Team to creators  

  • Discover what our Team is doing to better your experience as we take you through a neat and informative presentation

  • 2 Meetings every month

  • Share feedback of your experience with our creator tools


Innovation in MarkMe Icons is constant and rapid.

Be among the selected few to test our features before we officially release them

  • Share your email address with us

  • Receive Updates Early on Playstore

  • Sharing your feedback helps us improve the MarkMe Icons Community Experience

We welcome a multitude of Creators

Our App serves many creators from different industries, have a look!



Self-publish your classes

Put your class in front of millions of learners with Markme Icons. You own the IP and pick the release date. Then use our sales reports to track your revenue and hit your targets.

Go to market

Get the word out using our marketing channels to amplify your class' reach and build a community. Select classes also enjoy integrated campaigns, digital advertising, CRM, and social media support.

Create your universe

You bring the talent, and we'll provide support teams, comprehensive testing systems, and access to a thriving community of educators like yourself.

Markme Icons is home to adventure and innovation. Our devotion to learning has made Markme Icons a global market leader in interactive learning. Our eyes are always on the future.

So where do you want to take us next?


We built Markme Icons for people like you—for learners from all walks of life, everywhere in the world, who all want the same thing: a place to learn and have fun. We need your help keeping the Icons community safe and fun for everyone.

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