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Day Five: Sharing the Evolution Curve

Throughout this plan we have discussed your personal Evolution Curve, we can close this plan by talking about Sharing the Curve.


This is for the leader in you, how do you share an Evolution Curve? How do you move with your team towards growth?


It's not a good look for a leader to be solely focused on SELF, because there are people looking up to you. As you grow, ensure your team is growing with you.


Sharing the Evolution Curve will improve the cohesion of your team, the flow of tasks will be smooth and effective because there's no team member holding the team back.


So we'll do 2 things, one, let's figure out why it's important to Share the Curve then finally let's explore how you can Share the Curve

Flora's Guide

Lead with togetherness. Ensure your team is growing alongside you. This is why its important

Zuki's Slide

Here are some ways you can share the Evolution Curve with your team.

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